Zero Investment to six figures in 28 days! easiest drop servicing home job

With this course, you can start an easy online drop servicing home job with zero investment, and go on to earn six figures in just 28 days. See your margins shoot up 200-300%.

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Drop Servicing is a new business model, it doesn't require any investment that's why in this business you don't have the risk of loss but the profit margin in this business is very high, depending on the niche you choose for your drop servicing website your profit margin will be above 200 or 300%.

Drop Servicing is an online business in which you offer services on your website but when you get an order from a client you send the order details to a freelancer on a freelancing website like fiver or Upwork etcetera and the freelancer complete the service and he send it back to you and you send it back to your clients,

You charge a high amount to your client in which you pay a small amount to your freelancer and the rest is your profit, so this is how drop servicing business works.

Drop service is an easy online business and you only need a landing page where you showcase some services and where you collect orders from customer, and when you get an order the freelancer do it for you, so basically in dropservicing business, you are working only as an intermediate between clients and the freelancer but you are earning a high-profit margin,

I will be teaching you the strategy in this dropservicing course for how to get clients for free by building an affiliate marketing system on your drop servicing WordPress website.

I will be teaching you how to create a beautiful, professional, and highly responsive dropservicing website with WordPress easily, we will build a complete drop servicing website with WordPress from scratch to end.

I will be showing you live how the customer will place order on your Drop Servicing website, how will you recieve the orders, how will you receive the payments, and how will the affiliate sign up on your dropservicing website and how will you see the affiliates in your drop servicing website's wordpress dashboard.

Basic knowledge
  • This course doesn't require any proper skill any one can get this course

What will you learn
  • You will learn complete Drop Servicing Online Business
  • You will learn how to create a professional, beautiful and responsive drop servicing website
  • You will learn the strategies for getting clients for free
  • You will learn how to receive work orders, receiving payments, dealing with Freelancers and more
  • You will learn how to create the Affiliate System on your Drop Servicing website to make more sales
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 55 Total Duration: 04:49:21
ayushman bajaj – February 23, 2021

I would have given 20 stars if this site had that option.

joseph oyewole – December 22, 2020

aqash – December 22, 2020

This course will change my life, i was looking for a way to make some extra cash and i got this course with a great and easy idea, many thanks to the instructor of this course.