Introducing Rails 5: Learning Web Development the Ruby Way

This Rails 5 course teaches you how to create applications with newly built libraries. Also learn how Turbolinks optimizes page loading and renders templates independently of controllers.

Features Includes:
  • Self-paced with Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App

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Get started with Rails 5 today by creating feature rich applications for the modern web

Ruby on Rails is a powerful web application framework action packed, with hordes of gems to create a stress-free and complete developing experience. Ruby reinforces the "More with Less" approach with its elegant and clean code, proving to be a stalwart alternative to traditional static languages. Rails 5 introduces a plethora of features and built-in libraries to keep your applications up to date with the modern web.

Introducing to Rails 5 dives deep into creating applications with the newly built in libraries and gems this framework has to offer.

Before you get hands on with coding, the first section explores the changes and deprecations and introduces you to what’s new in RoR5. We then learn the use of Action cable to access Web sockets, which is a built in library to add real-time features to your applications.

We will create our first chatroom with the all in one ‘rails generator’ command to generate all required files for our chat room system including password encryption, session controllers and the main navigation. We will learn to use Rails as a JSON-API Backend that can be consumed by different clients.

The course also covers how Turbolinks optimizes page loading and renders templates independently of controllers.

About the Author

  • Kingsley Ijomah has worked as a software developer for over 12 years, and in that time he has coded in many programming languages like Java, Php, Ruby, Javascript, Objective-C, ActionScript and also used the following frame works: CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, Ionic, Bootstrap. He currently works as a full-time ruby developer, and has worked with Ruby programming language along with Rails (framework) since 2012.

Basic knowledge
  • This course assumes basic knowledge of the earlier versions of Rails along with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

What will you learn
  • Learn how to use ActionCable to work with WebSockets
  • Implement the newest version of Turbolinks in your application to optimize page loading.
  • Create a chatroom which includes password encryption, session controllers and broadcasting services
  • Learn how to configure with ActionCable to transmit data through chat channels
  • Test and deploy your application to the latest version of Rails
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 10 Total Duration: 01:12:48

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