Go Application Development - Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

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Develop powerful and efficient apps with Go. Get proven approaches to improve your application development processes.

Do you want to make your applications efficient? Do you want to move your Go coding skills to the next level? This course will help to you develop applications and services with Go efficiently and bring high quality to your work as a developer.

You will work practically with some interesting tools, frameworks, and techniques that you can use to leverage the benefits of working with Go to develop your applications. This course will highlight practical and proven techniques to improve particular aspects of Go programming.

You will focus on discovering new possibilities with Go programming. Each section will address common challenges that you might be facing in your coding tasks. We’ll cover specific techniques with clear instructions to carry out app development tasks with Go using practical examples. You will explore the tools available to measure and improve the code quality of your Go projects.

By the end of this course, you will be a Go expert and your efficiency and performance levels will have definitely improved, which will ultimately make your day-to-day life easy as a Go application developer.

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About the Author

  • Martin Helmich studied computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück and lives in Rahden, Germany. He works as a software architect, specializing in building distributed applications using web technologies and Microservice Architectures. Besides programming in Go, PHP, Python, and Node.js, he also builds infrastructures using configuration management tools such as SaltStack and container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes. He is an open source enthusiast and likes to make fun of people who are not using Linux. In his free time, you'll probably find him coding on one of his open source pet projects, listening to music, or reading science fiction literature.

Basic knowledge
  • This course is for existing developers who have been building applications with Go, who want to learn some useful, interesting ways to further improve their Go programming skills to build powerful applications in a much more unique and easy way. This course assumes you have Go programming knowledge and have been using it in your projects. This course won’t cover any basics of Go

What will you learn
  • Use different tips, tricks and techniques while developing an application using Go
  • Work with essential tools to improve your work within Go application development
  • Work with one of Go’s main features, that is, Concurrency using Goroutines and channels
  • Find out about data marshaling and unmarshaling techniques with JSON and other formats easily
  • Tackle the most common “plumbing” issues when building Go Microservices
  • Explore the tools available to measure and improve the code quality of Go projects such as gofmt, govet, and others
  • Build and package your application efficiently for a multitude of different platforms
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 31 Total Duration: 02:04:07

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