Backend Development with PHP and PERL

With the practical learning, this course gives you the backend web development tools such as PHP and PERL, you will be able to implement all the concepts and lessons learned by writing your own PHP and PERL programs. You will also be able to develop a backend for web applications or websites.

Features Includes:
  • Self-paced with Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App

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This course is about BACK-END web development where we would cover BACK-END languages PHP7, PERL, SQL with MySQL database. We would cover all the languages and test them by writing files, and sample projects like LOGIN, and Register Page with database connection, Extracting Information from Database and displaying the same with HTML tables, HTML FORM, php database connection scripts, etc.

PERL section begins with PERL datatypes and operators, moving towards conditionals and loops. You would also learn Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions, and server-side programming with CGI-PERL. You would also learn various debugging options, and deployment of PERL programs, and modules with PERL compiler with various example programs.

We would cover topics such as Scalars, boolean, strings, lists, mathematical operators, assignment operators, conditional operators, loops like while, for, foreach, do while, until, do until, etc with if else conditionals, control structures and Subroutines. Regular expression would be a broad category where various types of expressions in form of query could be generated and provided text operation is performed like searching, inserting, replacing, counting, etc on either STDIN, or external file.

We would learn to create useful CGI-PERL scripts for backend or server-side implementation of any web application or website, where we can retrieve information from html form, write back html pages, write emails, etc.

Various example programs for PERL in all the topics covered and provided with a downloadable zip file, that could be used by students to develop complex PERL applications.

Basic knowledge
  • A basic idea of front-end web development would be more than sufficient

What will you learn
  • On completion of this course, you would be able to implement all the concepts and lessons learned by writing your own PHP and PERL programs
  • You could develop backend for web applications or websites
Course Curriculum
No of Lectures: 21 Total Duration: 03:08:07
Peter Harrison – September 07, 2020

nice tutorial

Michael Smith – September 07, 2020

Amazing tutorial