The Complete Guide to Moving and Living Abroad

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Imagine you could pick a country and then relocate there and live there like a local. Imagine you could then decide, 6 months later, to pick another country to move to and do the same all over again. Imagine your professional life could continue as before. Imagine bringing your spouse along for this foreign adventure. 

This is the life I have been leading for the past 6 years. My wife and I have been living in 7 different cities on 3 different continents. And guess what, I am an entrepreneur, but my wife has worked exclusively in the corporate world (read: employee). We have still been able to make all this relocation and moving abroad work. And in this course I show you how. 

This is for Anyone, Entrepreneur or Employee, who wishes to relocate and live in a foreign country.

This course will not tell you how to earn a living online and then tell you "Now Travel!". This concentrates on everything having to do with relocation, so it will walk you through the concrete steps you need to relocate to a new country, from deciding upon the country to move to, to figuring out what to do with your possessions, home, car, friends, and your life in general, to establishing a new life in the new country, with a new home, car, friends, etc. in your new city/country abroad. This relocation course will also walk you through the logistics (storage, visas, payment issues, etc.) that you are bound to encounter when relocating, whether to a foreign location or to another city. 

So if you would like to relocate, to move abroad, to live in a foreign city, or to just travel more, then this is for you. 

Who this course is for:

  • This course applies to everyone, from Company Employees to Freelancers to everyone in between

Basic knowledge
  • This course is for people who wish to live abroad for any period of time

What will you learn
  • DECIDE where you want to move
  • START planning your move
  • FIGURE OUT what to do with your possessions and life back home
  • CREATE a new life in your target location
  • TIPS AND TRICKS for Moving/Living abroad
  • THRIVE, and make living abroad work for you!
Course Curriculum
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