Soccer Tips and Techniques

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Learn soccer tips and techniques with personal lessons from one of the top coaches in the world. In this comprehensive video, Gerhard

shares many Brazilian soccer training methods designed to give players a competitive edge. The goal is to perfect every move and technique in order for the players to control the ball with authority. Among the topics covered are: warm up drills, passing drills, first touch drills, Brazilian ABC Drills, dribbling and cutting drills, kicking the ball with inside curve and much more. This program is a must-have resource for soccer players and coaches at any level.

About the coach: Recognized as a professional soccer coach, Gerhard Benthin has spent over 25 years throughout the United States instructing in major Soccer camps, clinics, clubs, high schools, group and individual lessons. His knowledge and experience of coaching in both positions certainly sets him apart from other soccer coaches and has built a reputation of making soccer training simple, yet highly effective with intense practice. Coach Benthin's passion and love for the game is truly infectious. Through his career, Gerhard Benthin has been coaching at the highest level professional teams, such as L.A. Galaxy MLS, Brazil and the National Team U17.

Who this course is for:

  • Soccer coaches and players at the youth league level should take this course

Basic knowledge
  • There is no prior knowledge required. All a student needs is a soccer ball

What will you learn
  • Students will know a wide variety of the skills necessary to play soccer. They will also know some of the best drills to use during soccer practice for youth league players
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 9 Total Duration: 00:43:33

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