Unpacking NumPy and Pandas

With the help of this [Tutorial] Unpacking NumPy And Pandas Step-By-Step course, you'll Get to grips with the most standard Python packages that make data Analysis

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[Tutorial] Unpacking NumPy And Pandas Step-By-Step


Get to grips with the most popular Python packages that make Data Analysis possible

Python, a multi-paradigm programming language, has become the language of choice for data scientists for data analysis, visualization, and machine learning. In this video course, you will explore two of the most important Python packages used by Data Analysts. You will start off by learning how to set up the right environment for data analysis with Python. Here, you’ll learn to install the right Python distribution, as well as work with the Jupyter notebook, and set up a database. After that you will dive into Python’s NumPy package, Python’s powerful extension with advanced mathematical functions. You will learn to create NumPy arrays, as well as employ different array methods and functions. Then, you will explore Python’s Pandas extension, where you will learn to subset your data, as well as dive into data mapping using Pandas. You’ll also learn to manage your data sets by sorting and ranking them. Finally, you will learn to index and group your data for sophisticated data analysis and manipulation.

About the Author

  • Curtis Miller is a graduate student at the University of Utah, seeking an Master’s in Statistics (MSTAT) and a Big Data Certificate. In the past, Curtis has worked as a Math Tutor, and has a double major adding mathematics with an emphasis in statistics as a second major. Curtis has studied the gender pay gap, and presented his paper or Gender Pay Disparity in Utah, which grabbed the attention of local media outlets. He currently teaches Basic Statistics at the University of Utah. He enjoys writing and is an avid reader, and enjoys studying politics, economics, history, and psychology and sociology.

Basic knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of Python development

What will you learn
  • See how to read, sort, and map various data into NumPy and Pandas
  • Find out how to create and slice data arrays using NumPy
  • Get to know how to subset your data frames using Pandas
  • Handle missing data in a Pandas DataFrame
  • Interface your Python data analysis with R’s language packages
Course Curriculum
No of Lectures: 19 Total Duration: 02:18:18

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