TED Talk: You Can Deliver a TED Talk Quality Presentation

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Imagine yourself speaking at the global TED Talks conference in front of millions of viewers. Or imagine that every time you speak, audience members come up to you and say "your speech is so good, you should deliver a TED Talk."

TED has become the gold standard of speakers and thinkers around the globe. If you'd like to speak at TED you need to know how to deliver captivating ideas in a provocative manner. It's not enough to have the research or to just be "smart." TED demands excellence in the substance and style of your presentation. This course will teach you how to prepare a speech that will meet the standards of TED. The course will take a couple of hours to cover, though it may take a lifetime to come up with ideas important enough for the demanding TED audience. Giving a great TED speech can catapult someone's career to a whole new level. Being a consistently great speaker can help everyone's career. This course will take you several hours if you prepare a new speech.

There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.

Who is the target audience?

  • Thought leaders
  • Academics
  • CEOs
  • Public Intellectuals
  • Activists
  • Authors

Basic knowledge
  • Ideas Worth Spreading
  • Willingness to video record your presentations and watch them
  • Video camera (on cell phone, webcam, or any other video recording device)

What will you learn
  • To Help Students Prepare a TED Speech
  • To Teach Students How to deliver a TED-Quality Speech Anywhere
  • To Improve Public Speaking Skills
  • To transform competent speakers into inspirational presenters
Course Curriculum
No of Lectures: 20 Total Duration: 01:08:50
Diane Thompson – January 07, 2021

I do appreciate a certificate of some sort when I attend courses

Marnie Jewell – December 13, 2019

All of these are good reminders. However, given the length of time for the course, it seems like it would be more helpful to shorten the length of time highlighting TJ's expertise. Some is good, but it takes up several minutes in this short course. Additionally, there seems to be a tone of "TED talks aren't really all it's about", and almost a "minimizing" or "talking down" to people who asked questions about getting a nomination accepted. That's the title of your course! So, to market to those who are interested, and then speak as if it should not be a goal seems disingenuous. Still, the reminders of the course can definitely be applied to any speaking opportunity. Thank you