Create Electronic Music with Cubase and a Steinberg Certified Tutor

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Learn How to Make Electronic Music with Cubase from A to Z.

Finally a comprehensive guide to using Steinberg Cubase DAW for your Electronic Music productions.

If you are looking for a complete electronic music production course, you are now in the right place!

Welcome to this course dedicated to Steinberg Cubase Pro, one of the most famous Digital Audio Workstation used in the music production filed. During the course, we will create together a Classic House Song from scratch, that is the best way to learn all the main functions and operations in Cubase.

So, why this course?

Online, you can find many Cubase tutorials explaining a particular function or a trick but non of them is a complete course from A to Z. This is the reason why I’ve decided to create this course where you will be able to understand the Software from the beginning, explained with easy words, tutorials, tip and tricks and practical examples.

But There’s more!

Enrolling into this course you will be also entitled to download a Free One Shot Samples library with more than 300 samples, specifically created for this video course students. A checklist at the end of each section will certify your preparations regarding the last topic treated in that section. So you will be sure you can move prepared to the new section of the course. Thanks to the big text annotations and big zooms, you can also follow the course even from a mobile device with small display, like your phone or tablet, wherever you are.

So let’s see together how this powerful audio software works.

Enrol today and Jumpstart Your Music Production Career with Cubase. 

Basic knowledge

No basic knowledge required.


  • A Cubase 7, 8, 9 PRO Version. Using the Free Trail Version (30 days) is a Great Way to Start.
  • A Computer with an Internet Connection
  • An Audio Card with at least 1 Stereo In/Out
  • A Microphone
  • A Couple of Monitor or Headphones

What will you learn
  • How to Jumpstart My Music Production Career with Cubase
  • Configure Cubase With My Audio Card and Audio Driver
  • Create a Song from A to Z Using the Display Window
  • Mix My Sounds and Instruments Using the Digital Mixer
  • Record Correct and Edit My Recordings With The Audio Editor
  • How to Use Equalizers and Effects Send/Returns
  • Organize My Samples Library with the Media Bay
  • How to use MIDI and Virtual Instrument in Cubase
  • Export and Finalize my Song
Course Curriculum
No of Lectures: 92 Total Duration: 04:12:59

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