The Hook : Master How To Create A Strong Title For Song

Learn How To create the most import part of the song; “The Hook”. Hands-On Course To Learn All About It. Join Us Now!

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Master The Art Of How To Write A Catchy Hook


This course covers, explains and details how to write a song Hook and its' use. In a step by step process the student will be shown what the difference is between the hook and the chorus and the parts that make up a catchy Hook.

They will learn how to create a strong Title for their Hook, which includes; "How to find Titles in Conversations", "How to find Titles in books and magazines", in social media, TV commercials, movies, street signs, etc.

Examples are given on composing melodies for titles, creating a melody from a pre-recorded music track, writing a melody for a sad or melancholy track, and creating a Hook from a drum beat. There is also a session on, "How to add a Tag Line to your Hook".

As a bonus, students will receive pre-recorded music tracks to practice creating their own Hooks. I give them an audio version of me creating ideas to a pre-recorded track, then give them an opportunity to create their own Hook to the track. In some instances, I demonstrate how I created a song Hook from start to finished product; the professional studio recording.

This course is to not to be rushed through. It is to be gone over slowly, many times until it is internalized. Songwriting in any form is an art, and should be not be treated like a speed reading course. It is for anyone who has the desire to understand the basics of writing a song Hook or for those who hunger to make songwriting a career.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who desires to enhance their songwriting skills by learning how to create the most import part of the song; “The Hook”.

Basic knowledge
  • No previous experience is necessary for taking this course. They only need to have a strong desire to learn how to write a song hook

What will you learn
  • At the end of of my course, students will understand why a catchy hook is necessary for their song, and how to create one. They will be able to create a great title, compose a memorable melody for their title, make a title from a melody, write a hook from a pre-recorded music track, and how to present their song to a producer, publishing company or record label
Course Curriculum
No of Lectures: 29 Total Duration: 01:35:16
Cristina Argudo – December 01, 2020

Marvellous in my dreams I win a gremmy or music british awards..j7st in my dreams...Fantastic courses

Jerry Capretta – January 15, 2020

Good summary of essential topics. I took Clay Drayton's complete class and enjoyed it better as he went deeper and covered more topics in his full course