Become A Professional FilmMaker In 25 Lessons

Master Fundamental Rules Of Cinematic Language Audiovisual Communication. By End Of This Course Start Creating Projects That Are Professionally Correct.

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A Comprehensive Course To Master Fundamentals Of Audiovisual And Cinematic Language


Thanks to the continuous development of technology, which has simplified and slimmed down audio and video recording instruments, anyone today has the opportunity to create a video of professional quality. But if we all learn to just press a bunch of buttons in a hurry, very few of us will have the opportunity to learn the rules of cinematic language.The grammar and syntax of audiovisual communication, which allow you to describe things that others understand, are often confused and become a burden in editing courses and schools, and are more intellectual than practical. Our course is a complete and practical course that completely takes place on the set, “on the road” and allows everyone to create projects that are professionally correct. Yet, photography, video and audio each have a precise language, with a grammar and syntax that are still unknown to most users. Most of us today utilize these fascinating, powerful and extraordinarily effective tools in improvised, limited and often incorrect ways.

Our audiovisual recording course will provide you with all the basic knowledge of a language that will enable anyone who sends and receives an audiovisual to achieve a better and more satisfying use of these new tools of communication.

How to shoot a subject, how to compose a “framing”, how to obtain maximum results from these tools: lesson after lesson you will learn to “write” with an audiovisual, in a targeted effort to not only get the most from documenting an event in which you are the leading actors, but also to create a product of pure imagination. For example, if you are not aware of the rules pertaining to“angle of view” and“reversed angle” when (incorrectly) shooting two people talking together, to the viewer it may appear as if these two people were engaged in a conversation with other people rather than with each other. “Pan”, “point of view (POV) shot”, “sequence shot” and “cut” are all the elements of a language that has a precise expressive meaning. Mastering this language will enable you to better communicate your ideas and imaginations to others.

This Course has Spanish to English Translator

Who this course is for:

  • For the self-taught filmmaker, the photographer who wants to jump to video, the manager who must evaluate the work of others, the cameraman who wants to try his hand at directing, for those who have never “dared” to approach this language, discouraged by the proposed approaches, for those who are obliged to, due to lack of budget, to solely create products or simply for those who want to reorganize their ideas a bit, this practical and comprehensive course is perfect

Basic knowledge
  • This course teaches you in a practical way to be on the set, to be behind a camera and to hold a microphone. The quality of the equipment you will use will not matter. You could have a DSLR or a MiniDV, a tape recorder or a DAT, or simply a microphone on your camera itself. In this course you will learn how to do a shoot, why do it in that manner and how to prepare the next shot. You will learn how to write with your camera. To become a writer you know that WORD is not necessary, but talent in the use of the language is. To become a filmmaker it is exactly the same thing

What will you learn
  • The course aims to teach you all the rules of audiovisual and cinematic language in a comprehensive yet simple and practical way. In every lesson, by remaining close to the director, the student will learn to observe reality that he/she tries to describe or document through the possibilities but also the limitations of a view-finder. It is looking through the camera and then the monitor that a student learns to shoot. At the end of the lessons anyone will be able to pick up a camera and shoot correctly, with the full knowledge of a product that is complete, professional and ready to be put on the air or online
Course Curriculum
No of Lectures: 26 Total Duration: 01:45:17

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