Beginners Guide to AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), also known as Machine Intelligence, is the ability of a system to “think” and learn like humans. AI starts as a computer program, written by humans. These computer programs allow machines to ‘think’ like humans and mimic their thought processes and actions. AI makes it possible for machines like computers to perform these human-like tasks by learning from experience.

This course gives you a brief glimpse of the world of Artificial Intelligence. Enjoy!

Basic knowledge
  • This course is suitable for everybody interested in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning

What will you learn
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Machine Learning
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No of Lectures: 6 Total Duration: 00:46:32
Bruna Ianicelli – November 09, 2020

I really like this course. I received a lot of new information about Al, and it is so brilliant to understand how it works and the improvement that technology is advancing in the near future.