The Science of Change

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The job of a coach or a manager, is to help someone who is rational and wants to change, learn how to actually do that by helping them to overcome their instinctual responses so that they can change. The science of how behaviors are shaped and molded, behavioral conditioning techniques known as operant conditioning, is really useful knowledge for a coach or manager. 

This course explores the science of how behaviors are changed and how we can use that to help the people we mentor and coach to actually change their behavior so they can succeed in whatever it is they want to do. The course consists of a set of video lesson with lecture notes for reference. 

Take this course if you are a life coach or mentor looking to improve your knowledge and skills so that you can more effectively help your clients and the people you mentor. 

Basic knowledge
  • A basic knowledge of change processes is required to understand the content of this course

What will you learn
  • Help their clients who are resisting change
  • Create change management plans that incorporate a necessary unlearning process
  • Compassionately provide motivation for clients to keep at the change process until they succeed
Course Curriculum
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Aiah Lim – March 08, 2022

Margaret Clarke – March 01, 2021

The Science of Change I enjoyed the course learning about Carl Rogers a Psychologist . Looking at behaviour therapy such as reinforcement and negative reinforcement within rewards. I am a Life Coach Practitioner this course was beneficia