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Develop native cross-platform mobile apps more rapidly, easily and effectively with React Native!

React Native is a fantastic new framework produced by Facebook that allows developers to create truly native applications that run on both iOS and Android, all while writing code in JavaScript. It breaks down several of the complexities of mobile apps to ease development, and offers many pre-built components to accelerate development.

To quickly get going with React Native, this course walks you through the creation of three real-world mobile applications, each designed to introduce essential core concepts as well as show you how to make beautiful and functional applications using best practices. At the end of the course, you will have a mastery of creating and manipulating React Native apps, will know how to structure navigation and data flow, and be exposed to many of the built-in React Native components. You will also learn about pushing your applications to production and the app stores. Both iOS and Android development are covered throughout the course.

By the end of this course you will be able to plot your own path forward with React Native.

This course uses Node.js 6.2, and React Native 0.25, while not the latest version available, it provides relevant and informative content for legacy users of Node.js and React Native.

About The Author

  • Joshua Lyman has been developing React Native applications since version 0.11, and has used the technology to release several production applications. He is active in the RN community, helping others answer questions when possible and contributing code and example repositories to help others out. He has been developing mobile applications in general for more than four years and also spends a lot of time on both web frontend work and backend servers, scaling the full stack. He often uses React (React Native's parent counterpart) for frontend work, and runs Node and C#/.NET servers on the backend. He helps clients do UI/UX reviews and design, and works with enterprises to create line-of-business applications; he occasionally does business intelligence work for companies, slicing and dicing data.

Basic knowledge
  • Start building applications immediately with the featured examples and an easy-to-follow approach. Our video is based on three modern mobile projects, focusing on core React Native topics

What will you learn
  • Learn Basic navigation principles using React Native Navigator
  • Create a tab-based navigation structure on iOS and Android
  • Understand how React Native makes it easy to share code between iOS and Android apps in a sensible and customizable manner
  • Gain exposure to React and React Native's eloquent one-way data flow model, making apps easier to write and to debug
  • Discover the power of crafting mobile UIs on-the-fly with hot module reloading and no recompiling, using React Native's powerful styling system
  • Get a handle on the many built-in components React Native makes available to shorten your development cycle
  • Find out how to do instantaneous debugging in environments you're already used to such as Google Chrome
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 41 Total Duration: 04:07:33

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