Mastering Clean Code in JavaScript

Learn various concepts and techniques, essential principles, patterns, and practices for writing clean code in JavaScript. Get the guidelines for how to better structure your JavaScript code.

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  • Self-paced with Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App

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Learning a JavaScript framework is good and cleaner JavaScript is even better.

Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the three core technologies of World Wide Web content production. You can write terrible code in any language, but if you wanted to try to write terrible code that works, JavaScript would be your language of choice.

In this course, you will learn various concepts and techniques, essential principles, patterns, and practices for writing clean code in JavaScript. You will be introduced to some general guidelines on how to better structure your JavaScript code. You will then learn about clean code best practices while working with variables, functions objects, and the latest ES6 classes. Next, you will discover functional programming, how to write pure functions, and how to use built-in functional methods. You will then move on to modular JavaScript and explore the various ways you can structure your modules. After that, you will master various design patterns and programming principles. Unit testing is very important and you will learn to do this with Jasmine and Karma, to make handling errors easy.

By the end of the course, you will have learned to learn clean coding with functional programming, explored various modules in JavaScript, and designed patterns and principles. Overall you will learn to write better code with improved readability.

About the Author

  • Dimitris Loukas is a software engineer currently writing Single Page Applications and using the latest version of JavaScript with Aurelia and Angular for a trading software firm. He is also finishing his Computer Science studies at the University of Athens. He has worked for two start-ups in the past, is active in the open source community, and loves taking up small side projects. He has mastered Angular, Aurelia, and VueJS and is now interested in entering the ReactJS world. He is fascinated by modern JavaScript and where the web is going.

Basic knowledge
  • JavaScript programming knowledge is essential

What will you learn
  • Structure better code in modules with ease
  • Write pure functions, avoid side-effects, and go functional
  • Explore design patterns and practices and how to use them
  • Get familiar with unit testing
  • Proper error handling in JavaScript
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 36 Total Duration: 04:41:30

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