The Art of Meditation

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Meditation is a term derived from the Latin word meditatio, which literally means "deep thinking" in many Western languages. name ". Meditation techniques are given different names according to their belief systems such as Buddhism (India), Taoism (China), Bön (Tibet), Zen (Japan) and Islam (contemplation) and the methods they follow. In addition, the different belief systems, sects and schools, which exist today, interpret meditation differently and practice it in different ways. In this respect, it is impossible to talk about a standard or uniform meditation.

Basic knowledge
  • Meditation is a spiritual purification technique applied in many cultures and religions. With vigilance and concentration exercises, the person gathers himself and rests his mind and soul. In Eastern cultures, meditation is considered a well-established and conscious-raising technique. The state of consciousness in question is named differently according to each belief. These; emptiness, awareness, singularity, being here and now can be defined as freedom in thought. For Transcendental Meditation (TM): "When we define meditation, we define it as a mental technique that is repeatedly done to gain a subjective experience that is very relaxing, calm, but increased alertness, and that generally provides inner happiness." 415 Jevning et al. (1992).

What will you learn
  • This course will help you perceive meditation as an art. From a point of view as an art, this course will give you the ability to better understand, comprehend, and study meditation and increase practice skills.
Course Curriculum
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