Basic Theory of Chinese Medicine: Chapter 6

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Do you want to realize the mysterious Chinese medicine?

Someone thinks that Chinese medicine is very difficult and unscientific.

In fact, Chinese medicine is not only scientific but also effective.

Even though the nouns in Chinese medicine are difficult.

Dr. Kao will lead you to realize them easily.

Just listen, memorize, and ask questions.

Chapter 6 Constitution Theory

  • Section 1: Basic concept of Constitution
  • Section 2: Formation of Constitution
  • Section 3: Categorization of Constitution
  • Section 4: Application of Constitution Theory

After you finish them, you can learn about basic concept of the Constitution Theory in Chinese medicine.

Everyone can learn about Chinese medicine, especially medical students, TCM students, physicians, or medical doctors.

Good luck!!

Basic knowledge
  • You need to finish learning from Ch1 to Ch5

What will you learn
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Complementary Medicine
  • Basic theory of Chinese Medicine
  • Meridians and Collateral system
  • Constitution in Chinese Medicine
  • Constitution theory
  • Yin-Yang theory
Course Curriculum
No of Lectures: 5 Total Duration: 00:35:08

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