Personal Finance for Everyone: Insights for Managing Your Money Well from an Award Wining Investment Banker

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Ann's Story (Must Read):

Ann recall the first time She got her credit card. She was just so excited about having that little colorful square card that would allow her to buy whatever She wanted. She started overspending. That's when she remembered She just didn't know how to use it (beyond, of course, swiping it on the checkout/payment counter). Until She destroyed her credit reputation, which She knew was a very real possibility, She did the least came to a resort and learned about personal finance. That's typically what happens when it comes to her and money — when She actually paid bills, figuring out how much rent she could afford and getting a regular paycheck, She always picked up the phone to ask anyone (really anyone!... no one had an answer) to explain to her, say, what a security deposit was, or how to make automatic payments to my account, what is minimum amount due, math behind the numbers for investing and credit facilities (loan) and more...Well, rather than relying on your family and friends to constantly explain to you everything (not exactly they themselves know) you need to know, Can she afford to go to top B-school to learn about money... Sorry, but they don't teach you how to manage your money.why not try an easy, course?

Disclaimer: The information provided in this course should not be used as financial advise or recommendation, neither it should be viewed as a financial promotional or affiliation tool or advertisement nor it supports or endorse any tools or company illustrated throughout the course, should not be substituted for consulting a financial advisor, planner or allied professional in the applicable jurisdictions. This course outline the broad road map to manage your personal finance. The author or Simpliv disclaim the liability or any damage, risk, loss or obligations incurred directly or indirectly. The situation is dynamic and can change anytime due to various factors. The author is directly or indirectly or otherwise is not under obligation, risk or liability due to use of information given in this course. 

Basic knowledge
  • No pre-requisite
  • Curiosity to make your life better
  • Appetite for little humor
  • Ms-Excel (Microsoft Excel) 2007 or above recommended (Windows / Mac)

What will you learn


  • Personal Finance Concepts
  • Setting GOAL & GOAL
  • Basis the Timeline: Short Term, Mid Term, Long Term
  • Illustration of SMART
  • GOAL
  • Vivid Life Cycle & Life Stages
  • Understand your Net
  • Worth – Exercise
  • How Positive and
  • Negative Impacts you
  • Calculate & Plan Expenses – Exercise
  • Design your own
  • House Hold Budget
  • Is the credit
  • card interest worth paying?
  • Why do I spend more than expected?
  • 20% Club
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning – Exercise
  • Rule of 6
  • Decide which Bank
  • is the Best for your Money
  • What happens, when the bank FAILS?


Learn the Irresistible Rules of Money: Math behind the Money

  • Double your Money
  • Triple your Money
  • Quadruple your Money
  • Eight Times your Money
  • Rule of 69
  • Rule of 15


Behavioral Finance & Behavioral Investing

  • 2 Key Rules of Money
  • Why money is different for different people?
  • What influences their behavior?
  • Information Overload
  • Overconfidence
  • Anchoring
  • Loss Aversion
  • Familiarity Bias
  • Herding
  • 9 Ticks of Behavioral Finance & Investing 


Risk Profiling & Asset Allocation

  • Risk Profile Basis Age
  • Risk Profile Basis Risk Profile
  • Asset allocation
  • Risk Return Trade off
  • Risk Tolerance Matrix
  • Key Concepts of:
  • Investment / Saving
  • Interest
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
  • Returns
  • Inflation
  • Risk
  • Power of Compounding
  • Risk TEAR & PAT - The RISK
  • Foundations of Investments / Products:
  • Stock / Equity / IPO
  • Mutual Funds
  • Precious Metals
  • Investing : Gold, Silver & Precious Metals
  • Fixed Instruments
  • Bonds
  • ETF - Exchange
  • Traded Funds
  • Small Saving Schemes
  • Insurance: Life and General
  • Insurance
  • Derivative
  • Alternate Investments: Private Equity, Start-Ups, Cryptocurrency etc
  • Equity/Stocks and IPO - Initial Public Offer:
  • How to Identify Right Stocks?
  • What do you need to Invest in Stocks?
  • Why to Invest?
  • How to Invest in Stocks: Price to Earning Ratio – P/E Ratio, Debt to Equity Ratio, Price to Book Value, Return on Equity – ROE, Current Ratio
  • Mutual Fund:
  • Key concepts: Units, Nav, Loads etc.
  • 14 Types of Mutual Fund
  • Options in Mutual Fund:
  • SIP, SWP, STP...
  • 12 Benefits of SIP Investing- Systematic Investment Plan
  • 6 Things to avoid while investing in SIP
  • Real Estate investing:
  • Benefits of investing in Real Estate
  • 4 cost associated with Real Estate
  • 7 Variety of Real Estate
  • 13 costly mistakes to avoid - investing in real estate
  • Gold / Silver or Precious Metal Investing:
  • 5 Easy ways to invest Risk associated with Investing in Precious Metal
  • Fixed Investments, Bonds & ETFs
  • Certificate of Deposit /Fixed Deposits Benefits
  • Various Basket of Bound : Government Bond,
  • Corporate Bond, Municipal Bond, Zero Coupon Bond, Junk Bond
  • Key Concepts: Par Value, Face Value, Coupon etc
  • 5 Risk of Investing in Bonds
  • Benefits of Investing in ETFs
  • Risk of Investing in ETFs
  • Small Savings Schemes: PPF, National Savings
  • Scheme, Schemes for Senior Citizen
  • Cryptocurrency Investing:
  • How to Invest?
  • What are the type of
  • Cryptocurrency Investing?
  • 12 Key Points to remember while investing into Cryptocurrency
  • Insurance, Derivative & Private Equity:
  • Life Insurance
  • General Insurance
  • Complex Concepts
  • Simplified - Derivative
  • Types of Derivative
  • Overview of Private Equity / Start-ups
  • Common types of Private Equity
  • How to Invest into Private Equity? 


  • Financial Planner & Robo-advisory
  • Do you need Financial
  • Planner?
  • A Slice of Robo-Advisory
  • Top Robo-Advisory


Specific Goal Planning & Time Value of Money

  • Education, Dream Car,
  • Dream Home, Savings for Retirement etc.
  • Time Value of Money: PV, FV,
  • Annuity, Annuity Due
  • Practical Exercise on
  • Value of Money 


Credit Facilities

  • Home / Mortgage Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Education Loan / Study Loan
  • Credit Card
  • Is it worth to
  • buy a property or rent it?
  • Rule of 30%
  • Rule of 2%
  • 6 Credit cards – Deadly Mistakes
  • 10 Ways NOT to be a Credit cards Defaulter
  • Is it wise to take Personal Loan or Home
  • Loan / Mortgage Loan?
  • Is it wise to buy a Brand New Car?
  • 15 To Stop Sending Money on
  • 122 Easy Ways To Save MUCH More & Know how to be a
  • Rock Star Expense Planner. Also, how much will you Earn,
  • in case you decide to Invest this money - Exercise


Credit Rating, Credit Score & Credit Report

  • Overview
  • What is Credit
  • Score Range?
  • Credit Bureau
  • Importance of Credit Score
  • How to get
  • Credit Score/ Report - Legally
  • 7 Ways to Repair your Credit history
  • Control Credit


10 Pro Money Tips to Memorize

  • Financial / Money Apps (Software tools) for Android & iOS
  • Start Solving your challenge today in Easy way. I assure YOU that this course will help you to solve your challenge of personal finance. You can enroll risk free BECAUSE there's money back guarantee if you don't like the course.. I am sure that this would not be the case. Don't miss the opportunity to instantly learn things which will make you better. You will stand out because you'll know to manage your money well (this is not taught in any school or college or B-School).

Let's get going! :)

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Suman Sen – June 03, 2020

Very comprehensive! Prakash gives a great overview of all the personal finance aspects necessary to make good decisions. I feel much more empowered in managing my wealth after taking this course. He is great teacher and adds fun elements to seemingly heavy topics. Explanation is good. The excel worksheet is worth fortune and the videos are good. I am now in a better position to manage my personal finance. Thank you!