Accident | Incident Investigation

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  • Certificate on Completion
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The ILO estimates that some 2.3 million women and men around the world succumb to work-related accidents or diseases every year; this corresponds to over 6000 deaths every single day. Worldwide, there are around 340 million occupational accidents and 160 million victims of work-related illnesses annually.

This course gives you an opportunity to find out what went wrong. Learning the lessons and taking action may reduce, or even prevent, accidents in the future.

As a step-by-step approach of investigating the incident, it will help you, particularly smaller businesses, to carry out your own health and safety investigations. Investigating accidents and incidents explains why you need to carry out investigations and takes you through each step of the process.

Basic knowledge
  • You should have knowledge in basics of health and safety
  • There are no academic qualifications, skills or experience required to take the courses

What will you learn

What to expect

  • Memorable case studies
  • Sessions with clear examples
  • Summaries to reinforce key points
  • Multiple choice quiz after each session
  • Successful completion of assignment awarded a certificate.(Soft-copy)

Top 4 business benefits

  • Making a safer workplace
  • Improving worker confidence
  • Preventing future business losses from disruption , down-time and lost business
  • Developing useful skills and knowledge that can be applied throughout the organization

After the course there will be an assessment 20 multiple choice questions to assess your knowledge.

Course content:


  • ILO statistics
  • Reasons of manage OSH
  • Responsibilities of employer
  • Why investigate?
  • What Law says?


  • Hazard
  • Risk
  • Incident
  • Accident
  • Near miss
  • Dangerous occurrence
  • Days lost
  • First aid case
  • Lost Time Injury (LTI)
  • Medical treatment case (MTC)
  • Risk control measures
  • Immediate Cause
  • Underlying Cause
  • Root Cause
  • Unsafe Act
  • Unsafe Condition


  • Accident Ratio Study
  • Domino Theory
  • Multiple Causation Theory
  • Cause & Effect Concept


  • Human errors
  • Human violations
  • Factors Affecting Human Behavior


  • Reasons for investigation
  • Level of Investigation
  • Under Reporting
  • Written plan for investigation
  • Incident investigation procedures
  • When should it start?
  • What makes a good investigation?
  • Role of OHS policy
  • Emergency response
  • Initial report
  • Steps of Investigation
  • Step one : Gathering the information
  • Step two : Analyzing the information
  • Step three : Identifying risk control measures
  • Step four : The action plan and its implementation

After each section, there will be a session quiz.

Finally there will be a report writing assignment which you have to submit within 7 days from course completion. This assignment will enable you to develop report writing skill and convince the management to take action.

Course Curriculum
Quiz Count: 10 No of Lectures: 10 Total Duration: 02:56:24
Stuart Dean – February 27, 2021

Ali Abdullah Al malki – December 08, 2020