Learn Google Assistant Development and Become A Pro! - 2019

Design 3 Apps for Google Assistant. Work with Trivia, Flashcard & Personality Quiz. Test Apps in Actions on Google Simulator. Start Google Assistant Now!

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  • Self-paced with Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App

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Google Assistant Development from Scratch: Design Apps


Hello and Welcome to "Learn Google Assistant Development and become a Pro! - 2019" course.

You'll learn about Google Assistant Development from Scratch!

Here, You will learn to make High Quality apps for Google Assistant & Google Home and test these apps in Actions on Google Simulator. NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE is required. Just follow the steps to get the results. You DON'T NEED TO HAVE GOOGLE HOME, we will test on the simulator. 

We'll make three applications in this course namely POLITICS QUIZ, PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT RECORD and PARENT ANIMALS.

Benefits of this Course :

  • Google will award you with exclusive Google Assistant T-Shirt for deploying your first app and Google Home if you hit any Milestones such as "Getting initial traction", "Keeping users engaged" and many more.
  • You'll understand Google Assistant Development completely.
  • Work with Trivia, Flashcard and Personality Quiz easily.
  • Create and Publish high quality Apps for Google Assistant.

Big Opportunity for You :

  • Yes, Google Assistant Development is a Big Opportunity to learn, Developers are investing their time and capital to make these assistants more user friendly and also there is no doubt that assistants are going to influence business in future and our day to day lives.
  •  Be one of the first people that know how to build apps for the Assistant. You can build it for your business or other people.

If you have any Questions & Doubts or if you find any Error in Actions on Google Simulator or anywhere then please let me know. I'll sort it out as soon as possible. You can Contact me via Private Messaging. This will help me and the course to get better. I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU. I help all my students at every step of development.

This is the LATEST course made from Actions on Google Console so you need not to worry. If there are any changes, I'll make these changes immediately.

I'll Promise you if you work with complete dedication you'll hit the milestones soon.

So, What are you Waiting for? Click on ENROLL BUTTON now and get started.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanted to Build High Quality Apps for Google Assistant
  • Anyone wanted to earn Exclusive Google Assistant T-Shirt and Google Home
  • Anyone wanted to attract users towards their Apps and increase number of Conversations in their App

Basic knowledge
  • Gmail Account with Internet Connectivity
  • No Prior knowledge about Google Assistant is required - Just follow the steps to get the results!

What will you learn
  • Create and Publish high quality Apps for Google Assistant
  • Work with Trivia, Flashcard and Personality Quiz easily
  • Test Apps in Actions on Google Simulator
  • How to Design Apps for Google Assistant
  • Understand Google Assistant Development Completely
  • Be able to Earn Exclusive Google Assistant T-Shirt and Google Home 
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 25 Total Duration: 01:02:07
Sushila – June 02, 2020

Amazing and very high knowledge given in very less time..

Baldev – June 02, 2020

Very nice.....

Manas – June 02, 2020

As its name suggests so it is.....easily one can become a pro google assistant developer....thanks to divyansh Agarwal and simpliv....keep going-keep growing...

Krishan – June 02, 2020

It made my‼

Naman sanghvi – June 01, 2020

At a scale of 1-5 I'll rate full 5 star for this amazing helped me a lot and hope it will be helpful for youth generation who want to go further in this stream beneficial for both beginners and professional..

Garv agarwal – June 01, 2020

Thanks for such a gr8 knowledgeable lecture

Jap – June 01, 2020


Kamal – June 01, 2020

This course is very amazing...full time utilized....its just simply awesome ...

Kultegh – June 01, 2020

Very nice course....topics are discussed to the point .....thank you simpliv

Vivek – May 31, 2020

This course helped me a lot to gain knowledge about google assistant, thank you very much author divyansh Agarwal and simpliv for providing such an amazing course to its customers...hats off...:)

Khushi – May 31, 2020

Nice course....highly appreciated and recommended

Rohul – May 31, 2020

Veer amazing love with it...very specific and to the point topics covered

Aryan – May 31, 2020

This course helped me to understand and increase my knowledge in this field of google assistant....very well done....keep it up

Subhash – May 31, 2020

Learning about google has now become easy with this course at least for me. I watched all the course and followed steps step by step learned with patience and now I can finally able to make the applications on my own...Though the directory information lecture is quite easy but your guidance to get the User Traction worth it :)

Ravi – May 31, 2020

When I enrolled in the course I didn’t actually feel like I would someday watch and make my own applications but when I watched starting few sections, I instantly left everything and my one main aim for the day is to build my applications and publish them as well..Today, finally I’m able to do that Thanks divyansh for this well-explained course.

Vinita – May 31, 2020

Amazingly you explained and the customization part i just loved it...This course is pretty useful and worth it for me..I would love to hear your words about my applications thanks for checking!!!!!

Astro – May 30, 2020

Thanks for this course I quickly learned how to develop application through every option available in console & when I tested it out with the valuable instructions you gave I got no errors and app is ready in one go...I’m excited to see when it got published..thanking you

Joy kharbanda – May 30, 2020

Great course beautifully designed for the complete beginners although the knowledge instructor has put in this course makes it amazing and every skill set of person can learn i found it worth last, my applications are finally ready to get published..Thank u

Tanya – May 30, 2020

Fantastic course regarding google assistant development Applications you taught us to build actually worth it amazing sir

Anany – May 30, 2020

Since the past few hours I had been learning & going through the content of this Google Assistant Course and I actually didn’t feel I should quit and leave this course in the middle as the content is actually engaging. In no time, I’m thinking like I’m soaring higher in this field day by day. Though milestone is the part but although I’m happy making the app live with your help divyansh..Thanks a lot *very happy*

Keerti – May 30, 2020

Woah!! I just checked the analytics of my Fitness App and divyansh your guidance proved helpful to me. The conversation rate is just increasing constantly and moreover the theme customization also played a role in it as I suppose. Thanks for the course! It’s worth studying it.

Veenu Arora – May 30, 2020

Hi, I successfully watched the lectures today & my knowledge is boosted about Google Assistant Development, this course and your explanation made me realize that the complete beginner can also develop applications on his own & make it available throughout the world.

Rahul Arora – May 30, 2020

.1. This course is really amazing….the way you have explained about google assistant is surely gonna help me in the future, also i have submitted my applications as well with the help of this course..I hope they approve it..thanks!!

Arpit verma – May 29, 2020

Best platform

Krrish – May 25, 2020

Amazing course...Thanks!