Hotstrings ( Typing aid to reduce number of keystrokes you need to type)

Hotstrings is a wonderful typing tool that will reduce number of keystrokes you need to type. At this course, learn to type just a couple of letters and convert them into whole words/paragraphs.

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  • Self-paced with Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App

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Greatly speed-up your typing & be more accurate by letting the computer type the words for you with Text Expansion.

How would you like to increase your typing speed by 1,000% ? This course can easily do that for you! Not only will it increase your speed, it will increase your accuracy / reliability! You will be able to type a couple of letters & have it replaced with whole words / paragraphs.

In our daily life it is AMAZING how frequently we re-type the same words over and over. It might be your name, the name of your company, instructions on performing a recurring task, a greeting, a salutation, etc. The list is truly endless. 

Text Expansion (HotStrings) are the simplest and fastest way to start automating your computer! Instead of trying to learn how to type 200 wpm, learn how to type 3 characters that will instantly get replaced by the entire sentences you wanted and it will be typed perfectly EVERY TIME!

While the basics of HotStrings are very easy to learn, we also take a deep-dive into various scenarios where they can be more complicated & discuss trouble-shooting "tricky" issues. 

Learn to work smarter, not harder by stopping to learn how to type and learn to work smarter!

Basic knowledge
  • Have a Windows based PC

What will you learn
  • Type short abbreviations that will expand in any windows program

  • Quickly fill out forms / emails / etc. that require the same text

  • Autocomplete words in any Windows program

  • Trigger programs / Events by typing a few keys

  • Intro to Hotstrings
  • Install AHK
  • IDEs Editors
  • Intro to AHK and settings
  • Multiple vs single ahk file
  • Ending character and Escaping replacement
  • Your First Hotstring
  • Sending special characters
  • Sending Unicode Characters
  • Sending Values of a variable
  • Repeating keys MoveLeft No backspace
  • Long replacements Continuation text File Read
  • Omit space No ending char Case Insensitive
  • Intro to Context Sensitive Hotstrings
  • Advanced Context Sensitive Hotstrings
  • Launching programs
  • Multiple computers Sharing Compiling
  • Using Hotstrings in games
  • Troubleshooting A User access Control UAC
  • Troubleshooting B General tips
  • Example A Autocorrect Spellcheck
  • Example B Hotkey Help
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 22 Total Duration: 01:23:54

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