Full Stack Kotlin Development

This course will help you explore Kotlin and its versatility as the perfect web application development language. It will take you through the development of a full-stack application with Kotlin.

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  • Self-paced with Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App

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Fall in love with Kotlin and its versatility as the perfect web application development language

Kotlin brings many advantages to Java developers. Spring framework has taken Kotlin as one of their supported languages, and that makes Kotlin a perfect pairing with Spring for web application development. A strongly typed language like Kotlin brings safety to Javascript development. Creating a React application with Kotlin gives developers superior IDE support and type safety of a statically typed language.

This course will take you through the development of a full-stack application with Kotlin. First, we’ll create a back-end Spring MVC application with Kotlin. We’ll show you a generic Spring framework structure, how it maps to Kotlin, and how to enhance our application with Spring’s brilliant data access, security, and web service support.

Later, the course walks you through React application development with Kotlin. We’ll touch on the overall React application structure, data flow, and communication with the server over XHR. In the third volume, we’ll look at both back-end and front-end architecture and give you some ideas on how to make a seamless full-stack application with enhanced server-side rendering, data sharing between layers and reactive programming around Spring framework’s new reactive capabilities.

About the Author

  • Jussi Hallila is a Kotlin fanatic living in Ireland. As a Finland native, he is naturally a hockey fan and is always keen to discuss Linux and mock Apple, and he also gives lectures on open source.
  • Jussi has been in the software development game for over ten years and has been working with multinationals as well as small start-ups. His experiences among the development sphere have ranged from full back-end heavy Java development and implementing DevOps practices to the most hipsterish implementations of the newest of the new front-end frameworks. He has extensive experience developing with Spring, Vaadin, React, and Vue.Js, and advocating Kotlin server-side usage.
  • When he is not creating courses or tasting craft beers, Jussi works as the head of front-end development in VSware, creating the most innovative SAAS-based school management software. He also provides consulting, training, and software development services through his company, Ilities co. ( Jussi blogs online @
  • You can find him on LinkedIn at

Basic knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript

What will you learn
  • Create a Spring application with Spring 5, Spring Boot 2, and Kotlin with the help of Kotlin Gradle script
  • Create a Kotlin front-end application using React and Redux with the help of Webpack
  • Get to grips with full-stack application development with a single language
  • See modern JVM application architecture and its ecosystem
  • Understand modern web application front-end development with static type safety, including build processes and communication patterns
Course Curriculum
Quiz Count: 12 No of Lectures: 42 Total Duration: 06:09:21

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