Clip Studio Paint Pro/Ex (Manga Studio 5) Digital Painting

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In this course you will learn drawing and painting using Clip Studio Paint Pro or Ex (formerly Manga Studio 5), the most powerful illustration, manga and comic book software available today. Using my simplified techniques, you will learn to draw and paint like you never thought possible. All the way from sketching a basic concept through production and distribution of your finished work, this course will teach you everything you need to know to realize your full artistic potential.

Master Clip Studio Paint, drawing and painting techniques and the digital illustration workflow simply and easily and all in a single course:

  • Learn to draw quick and sloppy sketches using a tablet and stylus
  • Use 3D pose-able reference models to draw scenes containing human figures
  • Ink your drawing flawlessly using modifiable direct draw vector lines
  • Color flat your illustration with the simple click of a mouse
  • Add color to increase the realism of your illustration
  • Shade and Highlight your artwork to add form and dimension while staying with the lines
  • Create simple gradient backgrounds
  • Draw complex 3D architecture using perspective rulers
  • Letter, bubble and tail your work with ease
  • Produce and distribute your work for free or for sale on Amazon
  • Learn how to format and publish comic books

Gain experience with Clip Studio Paint's most useful features while learning the fundamental drawing and painting techniques most critical for beginner success.

This course manages to remain all inclusive while focusing on the software features and drawing techniques you need to know to become a superior digital artist. It is intended to teach those new to digital art everything they need to know to produce stunning results within hours.

At the same time, this course is easy to digest and provides a structured learning experience to insure speedy results. Section workshops and projects are provided to demonstrate each technique taught and offer you an opportunity to perform each technique yourself to demonstrate your proficiency with the subject.

I designed this digital art course to be easily understood by absolute beginners. That said, after completing the course you will be fully proficient with Clip Studio Paint and digital art and fully conversant in digital art tools and techniques.

All this sounds expensive, doesn't it? But it's not. Clip Studio Paint can be had for a free 30-day trial ($29 on sale) and an inexpensive drawing tablet is optional. This course supplies the knowledge at a reasonable price.

In this course students will learn the fundamentals of digital art using Clip Studio Paint. Short cuts and simplified techniques are used to streamline the illustration workflow while retaining the quality of your work.

After taking this course you will be a better artist.

I hope to see you in the classroom soon,


Who this course is for:

  • Any student wanting to learn to draw
  • Any student interested in digital art
  • Any student who's heard about and is curious about Clip Studio Paint
  • Anyone wanting to produce and distribute professional quality comic books
  • Anyone looking for easy shortcuts available through the use of drawing software

Basic knowledge
  • Possess a relatively modern Mac or PC
  • Acquire a Clip Studio Paint Pro 30-day free trial license (if not on sale for $29)
  • An inexpensive drawing tablet can be useful during the sketching phase

What will you learn
  • To use Clip Studio Paint essentials to produce complex art from simple techniques
  • Drawing fundamentals focusing on digital drawing using both tablet and mouse
  • Digital illustration workflow
  • Recording your thoughts through simple crude sketches capturing the essence of an illustration
  • Drawing from 3D pose-able reference models
  • How to pull direct draw vector lines to produce smooth lines of varying thickness
  • Color flatting, coloring, shading, highlighting and shadows
  • Creating simple backgrounds from gradients
  • Using 3D perspective rulers to draw background architecture
  • Finished illustration production and distribution
  • Comic book creation and sale on Amazon
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