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Affinity Publisher:

Affinity Publisher is a design software specializing in layouts, but also in the creation of graphic documents. It thus has advanced tools for managing pages, the use of models, or even advanced text modifications. Affinity Publisher has the same type of functionalities as InDesign software, offering an extremely ergonomic interface. If you want to do layouts with text and images, if you want to create books, requiring advanced page management, then Affinity Publisher is the tool for you. But it does not stop there, you can of course work on graphic documents such as cover, flyer, business card, photo montage. It also has layer effects as well as photo editing settings.

The main features:

  • Layer system
  • Advanced layout
  • Model
  • Shape design tools
  • Filters
  • Text management
  • And more


In this training you will learn the Affinity Publisher software in its entirety. You will quickly obtain a good level which will allow you to make layouts, designs of brochures, magazines, and other types of graphic documents. All the features of the software will be seen in the course. By acting step by step, interface mode of operation, principle of layers, operation of pages, use of different design tools, application of filters, you will be able to progress quickly in learning. Training will also allow you to see all the features seen in the course.

Basic knowledge
  • You need to have Affinity Publisher

What will you learn
  • Understand the dashboard
  • Manage windows
  • Use layers
  • Master pages
  • Use masters
  • Create shapes
  • Add images
  • Add text
  • Edit text
  • Create text style
  • Add filters
  • Adjust images in frames
  • Text wrap
  • Use guides
  • Use grid
  • Add columns and rows
  • Create cover book
  • Create pages for magazine
  • Create flyer
Course Curriculum
No of Lectures: 98 Total Duration: 10:45:21
Steven Mark Hewitt – March 17, 2022

Practical, straight forward and clear. Thanks very much Forgue Nicolas