Business Writing - How to Become a Great Writer

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In this course you'll learn what a successful business writer thinks and does.

Success in writing comes from a mixture of technique and mindset. Enjoy the journey!

All the income from this course supports the Margate Bookie (UK Registered Charity  1174819) which inspires a love of reading and writing through literary festivals and creative courses.

Basic knowledge
  • This course is for everyone who needs to write at work. That includes you!
  • It's a very practical, hands-on course. All the examples are drawn from real life. Your skills and confidence as a writer will skyrocket!

What will you learn

You'll learn how to:

  • Structure and plan your writing
  • Communicate top down
  • Find flow by balancing your writing skills against the challenge
  • Create the ideal conditions for you to write
  • Smash through blocks and fears
Course Curriculum
Quiz Count: 4 No of Lectures: 16 Total Duration: 00:27:29
George Francis Walker – September 02, 2020

Very interesting and helpful info about finding your personal flow when writing. Also, prime info on overcoming writer's block and seeing it for what it is - unpreparedness and a lack of structure/thought/planning before writing.

Ellie Claire Davies – August 29, 2020

Another course with excellent strategies to reflect on BEFORE you start writing your next piece. I found the section on top-down communication exceptionally eye-opening

Erica Meahl – August 28, 2020

I also enjoyed this second course in the series. Fresh information and strategies to renew my writing...I will also check out the next course from Andreas

Ash Herman – August 26, 2020

I'm glad again that I took this course...something that I thought was simple and easy, but I always had trouble doing it, is starting to look easier and easier. The structure for approaching writing of any type given by Andreas in this course is super useful -- The top-down approach, finding your ideal conditions for writing...Super helpful ideas to help me work!

Kurt Dickerson – August 24, 2020

Definitely helpful insight into how we can choose when and where we work, which affects our writing dramatically. Also thought the top-down approach was helpful. Thanks!