Beginning C++ Game Programming - Part 1

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Learn C++ from scratch and get started building your very own games

This video course is all about offering you a fun introduction to the world of game programming, C++, and the OpenGL-powered SFML using three fun, fully-playable games. These games are an addictive frantic two-button tapper, a multi-level zombie survival shooter, and a split-screen multiplayer puzzle-platformer.

We will start with the very basics of programming, such as variables, loops, and conditions, and you will become more skillful with each game as you move through the key C++ topics, such as OOP (Object-Orientated Programming), C++ pointers, and an introduction to the Standard Template Library. While building these games, you will also learn exciting game programming concepts such as particle effects, directional sound (spatialization), OpenGL programmable Shaders, spawning thousands of objects, and more.

This course uses Visual Studio 2015, while not the latest version available, it provides relevant and informative content for legacy users of Visual Studio.

About the Author

  • John Horton is a coding and gaming enthusiast based in the UK. He has a passion for writing apps, games, books, and blog articles about programming, especially for beginners. He is the founder of Game Code School (, which is dedicated to helping complete beginners start coding using the language and platform that are best for them. John sincerely believes that anyone can learn to code and that everybody has a game or an app inside them, and that they just need to do enough work to bring it out.

Basic knowledge
  • Basic idea of programming is required

What will you learn
  • Get to know C++ from scratch while simultaneously learning game building
  • Learn the basics of C++, such as variables, loops, and functions, to animate game objects, respond to collisions, keep the score, play sound effects, and build your first playable game
  • Use more advanced C++ topics such as classes, inheritance, and references to spawn and control thousands of enemies, shoot with a rapid fire machine gun, and realize random scrolling game-worlds
  • Stretch your C++ knowledge beyond the beginner level and use concepts such as pointers, references, and the Standard Template Library to add features—for example, split-screen coop, immersive directional sound, and custom levels loaded from level-design files
  • Get ready to go and build your own unique games!
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 64 Total Duration: 06:06:06

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