Able Lingo

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OUR GOAL is to make YOU more valuable. Our courses will improve your American Sign Language (ASL) skills. We engage you with LOTS of useful, interesting, and entertaining content to guarantee improvement.

MY NAME is Michael. Since 2012, I have successfully taught customized English and American Sign Language courses to students from around the world. I am TESOL and TEFL certified. I grew up with a Deaf brother within the Deaf community. I have graduate and undergraduate degrees in Spanish and Criminal Justice. Prior to living in SE Asia, I was a police officer and a U.S. Federal Investigator. I'm fluent in English, Spanish, American Sign Language, and Indonesian.

IT'S AN HONOR to be part of your learning journey. If we’re dedicated and disciplined, we WILL be more confident and effective. Life’s a wild trip. Embrace it with both arms.

LET’S Improve, Achieve, and Create Value.