Sammah Crichton

Infrastructure Engineering

Sammah has been working in the I.T. field since 2002. He started his first computer repair company while still in High School. He broke barriers when he was brought onto his high school's I.T. department as an intern while still enrolled. There he learned how to be a Systems Administrator and learned how to work in a Windows Environment.


Sammah spent much time working in Customer Service after high school for 7 years under one of the most well known entertainment companies. There he re-discovered his love for technology and was a liaison between the internal I.T. department of that company and his department. He was also the Subject Matter Expert of his department and became a Core Trainer. This is where he found out he loved to train.


Sammah's clients are all over the United States and he has been teaching for the entirety of his I.T. career as he knows teaching is the last step of learning. This is fundamental in his approach as he helps others learn new technologies and methods.

Courses from Sammah Crichton