Maxim and Olivier Leirman

Founders Engaging Heroes

Hi, we are Maxim & Olivier Leirman, twins, best friends, and both on a mission to change the way business professionals create value for their customers and employees.

Graduated both as Business Economists at a top-tier Belgian University and successfully raised +1.5 million euros in seed funding for several start-up projects as a freelance Business Strategy Consultant.

Next to our business background, we are deeply passionate about human behavior and motivation and how this can be used to solve business challenges and increase value. After getting insights from academic literature, +300 top-selling books, and obtaining 15+ certificates in for instance psychology, gamification & behavioral design, neuroscience and neuro-economics...

As there is still a huge gap between what science already know about our behavior and motivation, and what business professionals do to create value for their customers and employees, it is our job to close this gap and develop one-stop-shop frameworks and tools you can use to better understand your audience (how they are driven) without needing any background in psychology or neuroscience.

Courses from Maxim and Olivier Leirman