Danny Liu

Agile Product Manager, Digital Entrepreneur

As a busy father of 4 small children and a full-time Agile & IT Service Management leader, Danny knows the importance of being productive while maintaining a healthy balanced family life.

Each course is focused on helping you spend less time consuming content and more time TAKING ACTION towards achieving your goals.

As a seasoned 15 year career technologist, Danny has led high-performance teams, ranging from technology infrastructure engineering design & support to modern day cloud computing and web development teams that leverage DevOps and CI/CD approaches to deliver digital products early and often.

As a Scaled Agile Practitioner, Agile Scrum Certified Product Owner/Scrum Master, AWS Developer Associate, Danny is passionate about all things tech with a focus on productivity, automation and coaching and spends his free time teaching people how to harness the power of Agile project management to not only build amazing products, but also helps teach tech professionals how to build authoritative personal brands to stand out in their area of expertise.

He has successfully built several profitable niche publishing brands and courses over the past 7 years while working a full-time job and maintaining his priorities as a busy family man.

His no-nonsense approach towards lesson planning and delivery has been a result of the years that Danny has tirelessly refined his teaching style to help you waste no time to get things done faster, so you can enjoy more freedom in your day to do the things you want to do while getting results as quickly as possible.