Luigi Pati

I have mastered BOTH electric guitar in my chosen styles, as well as classical guitar. I play, write, and teach music at professional level. I have studied every areas of music, not just guitar, but also classical piano, composition, improvisation, soloing, counterpoint, songwriting, classical harmony and pop harmony, as well as music history and music production. Taken all together, it's +20 years of DAILY study and practice about all things music, on 3 different instruments. And best of all, I write nice, solid music, that has both soul and skill. I don't write rubbish, or mediocre, insignificant stuff.

I am very satisfied with the results from my own learning: it works. And it is tried and tested, 100 per cent. The best way to learn, and to learn fast, is to find the right teacher, who themselves have mastered what you want to learn, that can teach you what you need to learn, really well. I don't like sloppy teaching. I go for certainty and precision. I also tell you what not to do, which is of vital importance as it will save you years of wasted time. Skip this stuff at your peril. Time flies, we should keep this always in our mind. I always take seriously both theory and practice. I only teach what I have mastered myself. In short: as a guitarist, I know EVERYTHING about music. I have studied at music colleges, I have taken lessons from top composers, and have always, of course, diligently done my homework on my own, too. I have left no stone unturned. Period. I have lived for music by the time I turned 16. Never looked back.