Angelica Rose

Angelica can hear, feel and see Angels and Ascended masters. As an Angel Messenger, Angelica provides messages from the Angelic Realm and Ascended Masters without human filters. This supports deeper awareness & greater clarity. She also assists clients into a deeper awakening to their divine purpose by channeling and guiding Angels and Ascended Masters to download higher frequency energies into the client to activate their inner spirit. Outdated energies in the form of beliefs get transmuted. This support the process of awakening the human consciousness to a higher frequency of love, joy, peace and prosperity. Since 1991, Angelica assists those who have a loving heart and are choosing to Live a life of Joy, Peace, Prosperity, Love, and Vitality.  Angelica's mission as a Minister of Love and Angel Walk-In, is committed to channeling higher love frequencies Beings. 


Services Provided: 

     Angel Messages from the Angelic Realm without Human Filters both online and in person

     Angel Love Coach

     Certified Hypnotist using colors and higher frequency music both online and in person

     Energy Expansion Sessions 

     Meditation Classes both online and in person

     Author of Books, EBooks, Relaxation CDs, MP3s, MP4s, Talk on Spiritual Oneness and Inspirational Stickers


     Online series called, Spiritual Journey to Divine Love on MP3 and MP4


Media Expertise:

Angelica also has media expertise in a variety of areas such as, broadcasting an educational radio show on KEZX, producing, "The Entrepreneurial Television Show," publishing educational articles in a variety of national publications, being a guest on KIRO television, "Merissa at 9," and numerous talk radio shows, and being interviewed on a variety of national magazines. She broadcasts Universal Love is calling, Pick Up! and Angel Messenger Radio Show


Higher Frequencies of love, joy and positive thinking-Transform YOUR Life

Courses from Angelica Rose