Anirban Ghatak

Founder - MieRobot

Anirban Ghatak has globally in software industry for 14 years before founding MieRobot.

Anirban has spent most of his software corporate experience in the UK, India, Singapore and Germany working for a number of Fortune 500 companies.

An engineering graduate from North Bengal University, India - Anirban is passionate about robotics education and robotics DIY adoption.

He has delivered lectures, sessions and training at numerous engineering colleges and Universities on Product management, UX, Robotics, AI, Analytics, Azure and Machine learning.

As a founder, Anirban explains his role as a combination of a coach, manager, leader and technologist. 

Prior to MieRobot Anirban has worked in UK, Singapore and Germany with corporate companies as Wipro, Cognizant, IBM and T-Systems. 

Anirban's technical stack includes Machine learning, Unix, C++, ROS, Python, Microcontroller Programming, Neural Networks, Azure, Tensorflow and web services.

Anirban is a keen social media engineer and product UX designer. 

Courses from Anirban Ghatak