Research Head IOT

  1. 10 years of strong experience in providing technical solutions to industries and Research & development. Primary work is to research and knowledge transfer to industries. 
  2. 10 years of experience in Project development, Embedded C/C++, firmware development, hardware development. 
  3. 10 years of research experience with eminent scientist of DRDO and professors of eminent universities. 
  4. Research on IOT (Internet Of Things), discover new dimensions by providing a replacement of raspberry pie to industries and successfully launched a product NET-O-BOX for industrial and domestic automation with ELINS own cloud server. The development work is on NodeMCU (ESP8266 Wi-Fi module), the device is capable of working with cloud based sensor data acquisition, control & monitoring.
  5. Worked on WSN (Wireless sensor network) for Defense services (DRDE) based on Zigbee communication protocol used for sensor data communication and database management. 
  6. Establish IOT & Data analytics Research lab at AKGIT Ghaziabad UP on behalf of Elins technologies Pvt Ltd & Froyo technologies Pvt Ltd. 
  7. Training consultation for the corporates like HP, RCPL, EDUPLUS, Morling Global, Antrix academy of data science etc. 
  8. 6 year experience in different fields of image processing including retinal image, brain tumor CT scan images, filtering, fire and smoke detection etc using MATLAB. 
  9. 10 years of training experience on programming, advanced embedded systems, MATLAB and IOT in industries as well as in eminent educational institutes. Students and scholars from IIT Gandhi nagar Gujarat/Roorkee/Hyderabad, IIITM Gwalior/Guwahati, LPU Jalandhar, MITS Gwalior, ITM, Amity, IP university Delhi, RPS Haryana, Vignan university AP, KL university AP etc has been taken training and tech assistance. Also done EDP (employee development programs) in companies of Delhi/NCR.  Strong experience in Sensor development of various sensors used in industries. 
  10. Specialized in wireless relay driver technology based on RF, Zigbee & IOT based. Created for Army (Jhansi station) and various clients in industries. 
  11. Advisor and career consultant for engineering colleges around India.

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