Stephen Horst

Stephen Horst, is a vocal trainer and technician, specializing in artistic development.  

He graduated Magna Cum Laudewith a Bachelor’s degree in both Musicand Theatrefrom the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he also studied vocal pedagogy

Stephen currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Alexandria and his focus is acting on camera and the music industry. Before then he was based in NYC, where was fortunate to perform in Phantom of the Operaon BroadwayWhistle Down the Windon National Tour, and played many regional leadsall over the United States, including Les MiserablesMiss SaigonHair& many more.  

Stephen has played lead rolesin 3 SAG-AFTRA short films, including (Abraham) Lincoln in These Honored Dead, the romantic lead in What was found, what was lost, and the comedic lead in the web-series pilot, Bodega Nights. 

As a proud SAG-AFTRAmember, he can most recently be seen in Marvel's Luke Cage on Netflix.  

ASCAP songwriter and publisher, Stephen is currently working with a multi-platinum music producerand team of artists all over the world.  

Always looking for and developing new talent, Stephen shares his nearly 25 years of training voices in this new breakthrough course, Sing Like You've Always Imagined.

Founder of Tap Into Your Artistry.

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