Andrei Pop

Entrepreneur, Artist, Blogger

Andrei has over 7 years of international experience, having had the opportunity to work in multinational structures and organisations both in Romania and the United States.

He refined many of his skills while at the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, one of the best leadership institutions in the world. There, he also came in contact with business and social etiquette, a field which he pursued in further depth and that is now the main topic of his current business in Romania. There, he made it his mission to help improve the quality of the professional environment, by helping over 6,000,000 people within a 25 year time span in discovering how to be pleasant individuals everywhere and anywhere. To do that, he launched the Etiquette Training program, which offers business and social etiquette training and consultancy services to both individual clients and business.

He also activated as a graphic artist since he was 9 years old, but treated this endeavour mostly as a hobby. However, as of September 2018, Andrei decided to take this calling seriously and started laying the ground work for a creative hub, in which he also activates as a graphic artist and designer. As part of that team, he created various works ranging from logo designs to book illustrations, menu designs, brochures and so on, serving clients from all over the world.

Andrei has a vision of a world where people truly accept and work well with one another, irrespective of race, gender or ethnic background.

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