Im Simpl

Engineer, Permaculture Instructor, LEED Accredited Professional, Organic Farmer/Natural Builder/Designer/Filmmaker/healer/actor/musician and world-wandering wordweaver, Im has been sojourning, building, planting, writing and teaching for over 30 years.

In 1991, prior to the dawn of Certification Madness, im created SimPL as a short-contract and volunteer organization which seeks out and assists individuals and communities towards arriving at a self-reliant lifebase, amidst the growing apathy and consumption-fetish now gripping the general human population.

SimPLife is the practice of natural living, with the intention of supporting and preserving the purity & sanctity of sensible lifestyle: project builds and life-skills courses (permaculture & biodynamics-based), organic farming, natural building & life masterplanning.

To date, there have been SimPLife builds or courses in Ladakh, Turkey, Spain, USA, Thailand, Ecuador, Korea, Phillipines, Guyana, England, Nepal, and Indonesia.

im's professional certifications include: 

BS Electrical Engineering

BS Civil Engineering

Permaculture Designer/Instructor

LEED Accredited Professional

Solar PV Designer/Installer, SEI

Reconnection Healing Practitioner/ Reiki Master

Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, SOLO

Wilderness Guide Educator, NOLS