Private Guitar Class

Private Guitar Class offers easy online music courses for learning how to play guitar, learning how to play blues guitar and how to learn music rhythms for any instrument. Learn with an experienced, patient & fun teacher to help you start a new journey. Flexible schedule, convenient & affordable.

Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons

"Learning guitar is a meaningful relationship in discovering the self. It encourages you to access artistic parts of the brain, develop concentration, patience and a better understanding of time" Rupak George

Learn Music Rhythms

"We're mostly going to cover rhythm in this course because I believe you can have a really good rhythm without a melody but you cannot have a really good melody without a good rhythm behind it. So the basis of good music is going to be rhythm." Seth Rouse

Blues Guitar Made Simple

"Blues comes from the heart. It's really important that you have fun with this and just express yourself. It doesn't have to sound a certain way right away, but you'll get to where you want to go" Jon Adessky

Courses from Private Guitar Class