Catherine N P

Brazilian Portuguese Teacher

Catherine is a native Portuguese speaker from São Paulo, Brazil. She has a Bachelor degree in Sciences and a Master degree in Biochemistry. 

Founder of the project "Brazil com S" (@brazil_com_s), online courses and daily tips.

She has been teaching Brazilian Portuguese as a second language for two years on italki and in person. Catherine loves traveling and getting to know different cultures and places. She is a language lover. She teaches English for Brazilians beginners and although she speaks English fluently, she keeps on studying it until now. Also she is learning Spanish as a third language. 

She teaches what really matters to make students learn fast, in a easy and fun way. Students learn naturally and instinctively. Grammar is learnt on the go, it is not the focus, so students are able to understand a native speaker, and to speak like a native, not like a robot!

Courses from Catherine N P