Fahmi Eshaq

SQL Data Analyst

Fahmi Eshaq is a proactive and versatile SQL data analyst offering a diverse background in designing relational databases, writing ad-hoc SQL queries, scraping data, and writing SQL reports.

His experience as a SQL data analyst lies at the core of a set of technical skills and interdisciplinary knowledge that has served him well in a diverse and fast-moving career. Rarely do enterprises get the opportunity to benefit from such a focused and comprehensive variety of achievements and experiences. Mr. Eshaq's experience in both data integration and management serving both private and public constituencies is a valuable skill that should not be too quickly overlooked. Having a steady and learned hand capable of building databases in a regulatory framework can be a tremendous asset to any company tasked with government relations.

As a technology consultant and system developer, Mr. Eshaq's adherence to technical specifications and wide-ranging compliance measures made him a valued member of a high-energy development team tasked with a focused and determined goal of exceeding I.T. expectations at every level of the company. 

Courses from Fahmi Eshaq