Ahmad Naser

This degree holder in Computer Science from Bizet University, who is at home with several languages and techniques, doesn't mind being called a computer geek. Ahmad decided to get into teaching following a successful three years of implementing enterprise applications using Salesforce and Siebel CRM and another six in building websites, cloud apps, iOS apps, unity games, android mobile apps and educational games.

With over 20 successful game on Google Play Store, Asset Store and Apple Store; Ahmad likes to believe that he is a walking, talking geek who can help people from all over the world augment their knowledge and realize their potential by sharing this technical knowledge. He considers his learners’ success to be his, which is why he likes to handhold students and professionals alike in helping them realize their goals by teaching them about many technologies and development frameworks.

Ahmad likes to see himself at the vanguard of those developing the next generation of software professionals, to do which, he realizes the importance of teaching programming. He loves to do this at every step. 

Courses from Ahmad Naser