Lisa Newton


This serial entrepreneur, speaker, coach, networker and consultant has come a long way from the time she founded her first company back in 2004 in the same year in which she passed out of City University, London, with a capital of £150.

Her entrepreneurial abilities and accomplishments and her educational qualifications consisting of a Masters’ degree in Investment Management and a first-class honors degree in Accounting with Marketing have complemented each other.

Her interests vary from health and beauty products to investment banking to telecom and publishing. No wonder, she sits on the Board of Directors of many companies associated with these businesses.

Lisa’s versatility doesn’t end here. She is also a writer, and has written many books on many areas of business including finance and franchise. Lisa has won many awards in business from at least 2007.  

Charity, yoga, meditation, travel, cosmic ordering, salsa dancing, and learning languages are among her other interests.

Courses from Lisa Newton