Capacity, Release & Project Planning with JIRA Portfolio

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This course walks through all the core features and functionality of JIRA’s most popular add-on for project planning and agile road-mapping – Portfolio for JIRA.

The Portfolio add-on has proven to be so popular and useful, that it was taken over by Atlassian themselves, the makers of JIRA. 

Portfolio works off the iron triangle of planning which defines scope, time and resources as your primary constraints and parameters of planning. In this course, you will learn how you can find the best combination of the above to set realistic road-maps, release dates, and overall project plans. 


  • Portfolio introduction and setup – Understand what is required to set up the use of Portfolio alongside JIRA
  • Working with Scope – Understand all the parameters that Portfolio uses in its elaborate scheduling algorithm and see how you can tweak your scope to affect your overall plan 
  • Working with Releases  Understand your options for setting your release dates. This section also walks you through how Portfolio can automatically suggest what you will be accomplish in the time that is given
  • Working with Teams – Add all your individual resources into your plan, assign skills and get as granular as you want. Portfolio will adjust your road-map to fit in team member availability, stages of work and skills that resources have 
  • Working with your plan – Once the plan is finalized, work doesn’t stop there. In fact, it begins. Learn how to track the progress of the work while always maintaining the plan and ensuring there are no surprises

This course uses Portfolio for JIRA on Cloud.

Basic knowledge
  • Familiarity with JIRA and agile concepts
  • If you're looking to follow along, you would need access to a JIRA Cloud instance with Portfolio added (free trial is available for both)

What will you learn
  • Be able to create a quick plan with all existing JIRA data
  • Be able to create realistic roadmaps with realistic dates
  • Be able to work with the iron triangle constraints (scope, time, resources) to present the best path forward
  • Be able to understand capacity utilization and plan accordingly via the tool
  • Be able to create easy-access and dynamic reports from within Portfolio
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 45 Total Duration: 04:37:51

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