Adobe Illustrator Tools, Shapes, Layers, Tips And Skills

Join This Course To Learn How To Use Tools In Illustrator. This Includes Type Tools, Shapes, Shape builder, Pen, Pencil, Curvature Tool, Live Paint, Mesh, Perspective Grid and More!

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A Complete Guide To Master Fundamentals Of Adobe Illustrator Tools


This course will teach you how to use the many tools in Illustrator and how to use effects for text and shapes. You will also learn about image tracing and expanding, How to use Layers and many shortcuts for Illustrator. There are many tools to learn about. The basics like the pen, pencil and eraser to the more complicated ones like Perspective Grid, Mesh, Shape Builder and many more.

Basic knowledge
  • Know the basics of using a computer. Know how to open Illustrator. It starts with the easy things like how to open a document and create art boards. and how to use the Fill and Stroke Colors. You do not need experience to start this course

What will you learn
  • You will learn how to use tools in Illustrator. This includes type tools, Shapes, Shape builder, Pen, Pencil, Curvature Tool, Live Paint, Eraser, Mesh, Perspective Grid, Graph Tools, Line Segment, Knife, Scissors, Art boards, Scale, Width, Puppet Warp, Rotate, Magic Wand, Symbol Sprayer, Lasso, Paintbrush, Gradients and more. You also will learn how to use Layers, trace and expand an image and how to use clipping masks. You will also learn many Illustrator shortcuts
Course Curriculum
Quiz Count: 6 No of Lectures: 32 Total Duration: 02:46:48
Lynn Felicity – November 12, 2019

I really like the puppet warp tool. Also glad that there are text instructions on screen. Very useful.

Jev Lionel – November 12, 2019

I learned many new things.