Scala Beginner Programming Recipes

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Write efficient Scala code using these tips and tricks.

Scala is a powerful multi-purpose programming language that is much appreciated for its simple object-oriented, functional style.

This video starts with recipes that explore core language principles—covering topics such as strings, classes, types, methods, and arrays—before getting into concepts such as Object Oriented Programming. From there, you'll learn about functional programming techniques and how to handle files and processes. You'll go on to master concurrency in Scala, making use of the Akka framework. You'll learn about working with databases, and then about Reactive programming in Scala and how to use it to build robust microservices and distributed systems. You'll also use the Scala REPL to achieve a better feedback mechanism.

About the Author

  • Antonio Salazar Cardozo is a developer who has led small teams from his classes at Georgia Tech and through each company he has contributed to. He is a software pragmatist and perfectionist who values great software that is written for humans first, and loves to help teams find the development and interaction styles that make them deliver the best software to solve the problems they are solving. Between startups and larger companies, he has worked on most aspects of web and non-web systems, and loves to see how each piece of software is received and how it can improve. When he's not leaving honest, extensive code review, he's been known to travel and enjoys visiting both new and old places far from home.

Basic knowledge
  • Knowledge of Java Development

What will you learn
  • Master core language principles such as strings, classes, and types to write better Scala code
  • Explore OOP concepts for Scala programming
  • See how functional programming changes your Scala code
  • Use concurrency to enhance your Scala coding with the Akka framework
  • Work with databases in Scala
  • Build micro services with Reactive programming
  • Get better code feedback with Scala REPL
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 15 Total Duration: 03:26:25

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