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This course is aimed at students that have not improvised before, the technique consists of teaching you 16 jazz phrases, based on the blues scale, and can be used in a modular fashion, like a pick and mix. It is done in a call and response manor, I play and you copy, this will give you the confidence to improvise.It has step by step specially designed playing exercises, with pop-up written music and great backing tracks, superbly demonstrated by Simon.

Start Improvising To Express Your Musical Self

Each 15 minute video lesson is broken into 4 parts-

  • Introduction of the 4 new phrases.
  • Call and response with Simon.
  • A demonstration from Simon.
  • Then an opportunity to “go solo” with the backing track.

It will encourage you to memorise music

Some musicians are fearful of memorising music and this technique takes away the fear of getting it wrong, after all jazz is playing wrong notes in the write way.

Basic knowledge
  • It would be helpful for the students to know the notes in the G blues Scale for alto players and the C blues scale for tenor players

What will you learn

Content and Overview

  • At the end of this course of 5 lessons, you will be able to improvise on the blues scale in a cool and “pro” manor, by taking my suggested phrases and your own to ideas for your performance
  • Improvise like a "pro" on the Blues scale, and be able to improvise with other musicians. Being relaxed when playing jazz with other people and will have a good idea about playing Blues
Course Curriculum
No of Lectures: 5 Total Duration: 01:14:22

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