Microsoft Teams; Discover How To Collaborate Online For Work

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As mentioned in prerequisites, 'Microsoft 365 Business Essentials or higher' is needed if you want to follow along with me.

'Microsoft Teams; Discover How To Collaborate Online For Work' is a walk-through of Microsoft Teams that considers best practices and offers practical advice.

Establishing a reliable and effective way of communicating and collaborating online has never been more important.

Main Sections in Course:

Teams, Channels and Conversations - The base of Teams

Beyond Teams/Channels - The other components that make up Teams (Chat, Calendar, Apps, etc)

Microsoft Planner - a visual way to organize teamwork

Troubleshooting - Common problems addressed

If you don't want to be left without options if you are not able to run your business affairs without stepping inside the physical location of your business. As an employee, you also want to be prepared to work from home.

I want to show you how you can use Ms Teams no matter what your situation.

We start from the fundamentals and work our way up. This is an organized approach to follow so you can begin to work with Teams immediately.

Teams will allow you to collaborate at a high-level even when you can't or don't see your colleagues in-person.

Please register for our course today and get your company organized to work productively and efficiently remotely.

Who this course is for:

  • Those interested in an inexpensive and secure collaboration app
  • Those who are interested in organizing their company so they can function remotely/online, not just in-person

Basic knowledge
  • Please have a Microsoft 356 subscription (Business Essentials or higher) if you want to be able to follow along

What will you learn
  • The benefits of Microsoft Teams to collaborate remotely
  • Utilize a simple system to structure your company/team inside of Ms Teams
  • Teams Fundamentals: Discover Teams and Channels
  • How to Invite And Add Guests
  • How To Collaborate With Colleagues Within Channels
  • How To Use The Calendar For Meetings (In Detail)
  • How To Use Microsoft Planner To Create Plans And Utilize Them in Teams
  • How To Solve The Most Common Problems When Using Teams
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 27 Total Duration: 01:50:09

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